Have you ever thought WHY guys’s and ladies’s sexual techniques are so different?

  • Why men desire sex and females want love?
  • Why there are NO books teaching females how to get casual sexes?
  • Why women grumble about men not enjoying them enough – however declining to have sex?
    I feel for you if you’ve ever been frustrated with the opposite gender. I have actually been there, too. For almost two years of my life I was entirely clueless on what was going on between guys and ladies – with devastating outcomes.
    I decided I ‘d had adequate and I wanted to learn what the other gender was REALLY looking for and HOW one might master that. In other words, I needed to know what makes men and women tick.
    This is what I discovered and what every males and female must know.
    Our sexual techniques are deeply imprinted in our SUBCONSCIOUS.
    We can not CHANGE what is there.
    We can not CHOOSE whom we feel drawn in to.
    We simply FEEL it.
    Due to the fact that, from Mother Nature’s viewpoint, the purpose of life is LIFE itself. It’s procreation. To put it simply, to keep the human race growing, men and women should have sex and have kids.
    To make males and females have sex Nature produced a mechanism, which drives males and women towards one another. This mechanism is what we consistently call LOVE, or destination.
    Attraction is in fact a cocktail of specific hormones generated in our bodies in the presence of someone who seems great genes – simply put, a person of the opposite gender who seems to have the capacity of producing a healthy offspring that will make it through.
    Those hormonal agents make us feel fired up and blissful, and we feel a massive desire to get in close contact with the person we are drawn in to.
    This is actually what love is all about.
    It’s simply the methods of making us have sex with each other and make babies.
    All those poems about the marvels of love are discussed the condition of a human being under the influence of an effective mix of natural drugs.
    And yes, it hits high!
    Anyone who’s remained in love can verify that.
    The important things you need to comprehend is that this procedure is TOTALLY UNCONTROLLABLE.
    We can pass by who we fall in love with.
    This is since the purpose of procreation is so crucial that Nature can not rely on our recently established intellectual capabilities to make the best choice. Instead, it uses the knowledge of generations PRIOR TO us to make the choice FOR us. The system of sexual attraction is firmly inscribed in our GENETIC MEMORY.
    We are attracted to particular patterns of habits and physical attributes. When we come across those patterns in reality, we feel destination to this person – and we can not assist it.
    With all advances in contemporary science and contraception, we still have the very same biological hardware as our pre-historical forefathers. Scientists say that we have the very same bodies as our forebears some 50,000 years ago.
    It indicates that when you fall in love (or desire), you do it the same way as cavemen and cavewomen did. You just FEEL it. You can not ENCOURAGE yourself to fall in love– you either feel it, or not.
    So, why women and guys use such various sexual methods?
    Why guys want sex and females desire love?
    Due to the fact that men and women ARE various.
    Not better or worse, but various.
    A guy can produce a kid each time he has sex, and a woman can just produce a kid just every second year or two.
    So for a guy, there are no unfavorable effects for making love with as lots of women as he wants – the more kids he produces, the higher his chance to procreate.
    For a female, it’s different. She needs to be selective to protect the very best genes for her child. If she makes an incorrect choice and falls pregnant from a guy with bad genes, her offspring may not survive into the adult years. And she can only produce about 10 kids throughout her life time.
    This is why men’s and females’s sexual methods are so various.
    Men seek amount; females look for quality.
    Men look for abundance of sex, women – abundance of admirers.
    This is definitely NATURAL.
    This is the reason you are here today and alive– since your males, ladies and ancestors, acted true to their natural goals. Countless dead ends of your species disappeared into oblivion– and every single among YOUR forefathers handled to discover a sexual partner and produce an offspring that survived into their adult years.
  • If your female ancestors weren’t particular, you would not be here today.
  • If your male forefathers weren’t trying to get laid at every opportunity, you may also never be born.
    STOP wining about the techniques of the opposite gender.
    The battle of the sexes is the fight for the survival of HUMANKIND.
    We are made by doing this.
    Accept it.